What is Kick, Throw & Go?

Let kids show off their skills while making space for social distancing with the Football Development Model’s Kick, Throw & Go Skills Challenge! They’ll use their arms, legs, body, and mind to do their best at six different skill stations – passing distance, passing accuracy, speed, agility, punting accuracy and kicking distance. Plus, it’s great for kids to keep the game going and see how they stack up against their friends.

The Kick, Throw & Go Skills Challenge is the evolution of many fun games and competitions we played as kids, adding new skills and challenges inspired by the Football Development Model. It helps kids sharpen and show off their skills at six stations. The furthest kick or throw isn’t the only key to success in a game or in this competition. Accuracy, speed, and quickness matter in Kick, Throw & Go just as much as they do on the field. A safety-focused setup has one athlete per station, making space for social distance and time for sanitizing footballs.

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