How do coaches meet the Coach Membership registration and certification requirement?

  • Organizations receive Coach Membership promo codes soon after registering for Heads Up Football®. After receiving the membership code, organizations should distribute the code to their coaches.
  • Each coach will register online for his or her own USA Football Coach Membership and will be prompted to enter the code at checkout, which will provide the appropriate discount. Using the code will also link the coach to the organization so commissioners can track when coaches complete certification online.
  • After coaches register for their memberships, they will have access to the certification courses. Coaches are certified upon completion of the Level 1 Tackle Course or Re-Certification Quiz in the current calendar year.
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    Sione V. Kinikini

    I tried to print my certification certificate but it said access denied. I need to turn a copy of this in. How can I get a copy?

    Sione V Kinikini

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