How do I get Certified?

To access the USA Football Coaching Certification Courses, you must first register for a user account. Once you have registered and activated your account, follow the instructions below:

  1. Login to your USA Football Coach Membership
  2. On your Dashboard, you can click 'Buy Certification' on any of the 3 sections listed under the Youth Tackle  (Re)Certification.
  3. You must complete all 3 courses (Shoulder Tackling and Blocking Skills, Health and Safety, Fundamentals of Coaching)


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    John Heidelberger

    Site will not open in my browser

  • Avatar
    Jimmie Lee

    Having issues with site

  • Avatar
    Bryan Frazier

    Having problems taking the open courses need help to get my certification for heads up tacking

  • Avatar
    john munson

    Can't open the site in my browser

  • Avatar
    chris craft

    Site not working.freezing?

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    Kristopher Bailey

    Can't watch course videos

  • Avatar
    Roy Aguilar

    I finished the courses but it can't get my certificate printed out!!Sounds good roy. See you Wednesday. Roy Aguilar

  • Avatar
    Gene Cunningham

    I can't watch videos....I'm trying to watch the introduction video but its not even let me press play on the video what's going on

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    Justin Nance

    I'm try to get my cert. but it won't even start . And I need this ASAP

  • Avatar
    Derrick Coleman

    The site isn't accepting my promo code of OCJAAFcarson15

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    Jimmy Green

    Can't find the Tackle certificate for 2015 took the test And pay for the certificate but where is it at

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    Juan Borjas

    It's not accepting my promo code! CYFLC16

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