How do I get Certified?

1. Visit https://footballdevelopment.com/youth-certifications and click on "Get Certified"


2. You will then be prompted to sign into your USA Football account. If you do not already have an account, register for your free account and search for your Football Organization to associate.




3. Choose either Contact or Non-Contact Certification, then click continue to payment.


4. Complete the courses and your certification will be complete.


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  • Avatar
    John Heidelberger

    Site will not open in my browser

  • Avatar
    Jimmie Lee

    Having issues with site

  • Avatar
    Bryan Frazier

    Having problems taking the open courses need help to get my certification for heads up tacking

  • Avatar
    john munson

    Can't open the site in my browser

  • Avatar
    chris craft

    Site not working.freezing?

  • Avatar
    Kristopher Bailey

    Can't watch course videos

  • Avatar
    Roy Aguilar

    I finished the courses but it can't get my certificate printed out!!Sounds good roy. See you Wednesday. Roy Aguilar

  • Avatar
    Gene Cunningham

    I can't watch videos....I'm trying to watch the introduction video but its not even let me press play on the video what's going on

  • Avatar
    Justin Nance

    I'm try to get my cert. but it won't even start . And I need this ASAP

  • Avatar
    Derrick Coleman

    The site isn't accepting my promo code of OCJAAFcarson15

  • Avatar
    Jimmy Green

    Can't find the Tackle certificate for 2015 took the test And pay for the certificate but where is it at

  • Avatar
    Juan Borjas

    It's not accepting my promo code! CYFLC16

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