What do I do if a course or video isn't working?

Technical issues with a USA Football course could be caused by several different factors. The problem can usually be resolved in one of the following ways:

  • We recommend using the internet browsers Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, as these work best with our resources. If you are using Internet Explorer, please make sure you are using the most updated version. Visit supportdetails.com to verify which Web Browser and version you are currently using.
  • Verify you have Adobe Flash Player installed. Flash Player must be installed on your computer for the videos to play. Visit supportdetails.com to verify Flash Player is installed.
  • We also suggest deleting or clearing your browsing history - specifically cookies and cache. This will help ensure our website updates are current and help download speeds of our videos.
  • If you are on a work computer, some organization firewalls have security settings that may prevent some portions of the course from functioning properly. If the steps above does not solve the issue, you may want to try taking the course from a different location.
  • If you continue to experience issues with the course, please contact USA Football Member Services by clicking the Support tab on the left side of the page or call 877-5-FOOTBALL (877-536-6822).

*Please note: Our courses are not compatible with mobile devices or tablets.

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  • Avatar
    shaun morgan

    Have followed all the steps and the system keeps taking me back to the first quiz. System needs to be fixed so coaches can do the quizzes to coach.

  • Avatar
    Christopher Moore

    How long will system be down.?

  • Avatar
    Timothy Brown

    Unable to utilize program. I need assistance?

  • Avatar
    Marqueses Sillimon

    The farthest I can go is the introduction

  • Avatar
    Mike Bryan

    System is poopoo platter

  • Avatar
    joe moreno

    The video for applying the hub Fundamentals is not working

  • Avatar
    Okeni Moe

    Is the system down I can't seem to get to the next one. Been trying since last night need to get it done ASAP. Need assistance plz.

  • Avatar
    Matt Anthony

    Applying the HUB is not loading. Any help would be great. Thx!

  • Avatar
    Thomas Vingara

    Same here, unable to play the HUB video. Whats next?

  • Avatar
    Kyler Handy

    Hub video isn't working. Help please.

  • Avatar

    Give me a call please

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