How long does a certification last?

  • USA Football does not have a mandate on how long a certification can be accepted by your league, but we suggest one year. We provide the tools for leagues and teams to run their organizations. It is up to the leagues to set how long their coaches' certifications are valid.
  • If your organization is participating in the League Excellence program, all head and assistant coaches are required to complete the Coach Certification annually.
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    Roland Rusie

    It wontletme

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    Scott L.Gyrone

    Having a Problem downloading my certification is there any other way of receiving it. ( i.e) can it be emailed to me

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    shane perkins

    I have an active account and completed the recertification 3 months ago, so why are you sending me emails saying I'm not certified????

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    jason sauceda

    I can't download the certificate. Please help

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